How To Distinguish Gypsum Powder And Putty Powder
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How To Distinguish Gypsum Powder And Putty Powder

Posted: 2018-07-13

Gypsum powder and putty powder are not the same material.

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Gypsum powder is mainly caulking, filling holes, straightening of yin and yang angles, its particles are rough, harder after setting, difficult to sand and fast.

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The putty powder is mainly used for bottoming, the coagulation speed is slow, the texture is soft after coagulation, and it is easy to polish with sandpaper, which is a better primer material before brushing the latex paint.

Gypsum powder is usually white, colorless, and the colorless transparent crystal is called transparent gypsum. Sometimes it is gray, light yellow and light brown due to impurities. The streak is white. Transparent. Glass luster, cleavage surface pearl luster, fibrous aggregate silky luster. The cleavage is extremely complete, and medium, and the cleavage sheet is split into a rhomboid with an angle of 66 and 114. Crisp. Hardness 1.5~2. The direction is slightly different. The relative density is 2.3. Gypsum powder is one of the five major gel materials and plays an important role in the national economy. It is widely used in many applications such as construction, building materials, industrial molds and art models, chemical industry and agriculture, food processing and medical beauty. Important industrial raw materials.

Putty powder is a kind of building decoration material, the main component is talcum powder and glue. A layer of white - putty on the surface of the rough house that has just been purchased, usually the whiteness of the putty is above 90 and the fineness is above 330. Putty is a kind of substrate used for wall repair and leveling, which lays a good foundation for the next decoration (brushing and painting wallpaper). The putty is divided into two types: the inner wall and the outer wall. The outer wall putty should resist the wind and the sun, so the glue is large, the strength is high, and the environmental protection index is slightly lower. The internal wall putty comprehensive index is good, healthy and environmentally friendly, so the interior wall is not used externally, and the external wall is not used internally. Usually the putty is gypsum or cement based, so that the surface roughness is easier to bond firmly. However, during the construction, it is necessary to apply a layer of interfacial agent on the base layer to seal the base layer and improve the adhesion of the wall surface, so that the putty can be better bonded to the base surface. 

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