Clirik mill is cost-effective with high quality
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Clirik mill is cost-effective with high quality

Posted: 2019-02-23

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new type of grinding machine in the domestic grinding machine equipment manufacturing field, with the advantages of good cost performance, equipment quality, high production, high efficiency skills, safety and energy saving, etc. . The new non-metal non-flammable and explosive minerals with a Mohs hardness of not more than 7 grades and a humidity of 6% or less are widely used in the milling industry. On the basis of the mill, according to the working principle of the mill and the opinions of the customers, the three-ring medium-speed superfine mill is developed and produced. The company's three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding mill can also meet some high-fineness. The requirements of the required customers are super-fine pulverizing equipment with reliable performance and excellent product quality. For the 3,000 mesh product requirements, sufficient equipment support is given. The position of the relative height difference of the milling area of ​​the mill.


Milling machine series equipment can meet the requirements of users for processing more than a thousand kinds of materials in terms of fineness, output, use and different process requirements. Based on local conditions, the investment scale can be optimized, and the investment can achieve good economic benefits. For the large-scale production of industrial mills, Clirik will send professional technicians to the installation guides at the request of customers, and follow the instructions of the users of the Clirik mill equipment. The new mill of Clirik specializes in creating a new paradigm in the industry.


The new mill of Clirik is mainly composed of grinding system, analysis system and dust removal system. It is formed from granular to processed into powder, uniform in fineness, high in screening rate, long service life of wear parts and easy maintenance. Low dust, small floor space, strong set, low investment and high return.


Clirik new mill special classifier device

1, using a large amount of processing, can meet the 1250 purpose single wheel classifier.

2. Under the premise of ensuring the amount of material to be delivered, the rated air volume of the blower is greatly reduced, and the wind pressure is greatly increased, so as to overcome the increase of the resistance generated by the high-speed impeller classifier.

3, classification and design a reasonable mill position relative height of the milling zone.

4. On the motor circuit of the classifier, an ammeter and a current relay are connected in series to adjust the concentration of the powder in the gas.

5. The vibration isolation soft connection is adopted between the classifier and the main machine of the mill to prevent the classifier from being damaged. 

Clirik Raymond grinding mill processing plant

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