Eggs and stones, which one is hard?
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Eggs and stones, which one is hard?

Posted: 2018-08-21

 Eggs and stones, which one is hard?

1.An egg is fragile. It is stupid to use an egg to touch a stone.

But if an egg falls from the 25th floor, someone sees it, thinking, isn't it an egg? What if I don’t care to touch it? You will hear a "beep", in the "beep", touched, of course, there are eggs, but at the same time ruptured, and the head that touched the head.
Some people have done calculations, a 30-gram egg, falling from the 4th floor will make people's head swollen, falling from the 8th floor will make the scalp damaged, falling from the 18th floor will smash the human skull, from The fall of the 25th floor can cause people to die on the spot.
A fragile egg, when it has a fixed height and speed, becomes powerful.
So, don't underestimate an egg, as an egg, don't underestimate yourself. A weak egg, when possessed the corresponding conditions, can make a hard stone, fear of shaking.

2.The professor said that there are two ways to break an egg. One way is to give it an external force. The other way is to let the egg break itself.

An egg is placed there with a good end, how can you break yourself?
The professor said that under external force, the eggs are broken, and the eggs are going to be destroyed, but what about the eggs themselves breaking themselves?
The professor glanced at the students in the classroom and went on to say that the eggs themselves shattered themselves. It was only that the eggs hatched themselves and hatched new life in the eggshells - the chickens, the chicks constantly growing in the eggshells, When grown to a certain extent, the chicken will smash the eggshell, break the shell and break the original one - the egg.
If you don't want external forces to break yourself, it's like an egg, constantly accumulating inner strength, breaking yourself, breaking yourself, breaking yourself, reborn, and gaining new vitality and hope. . Said the professor.

3.When you are still an egg, why do you want to hit the stone?

You know your vulnerability, you know that you can't win a hard stone, but why bother to touch it? Don't you know that under your fragile shell, care for a dream, a dream of life.
For the sake of dreams, for the dream of life, why can't you be patient and wait?
When the dream of life breaks out in waiting, when the broken shell grows into a healthy rooster, when you grow into a rooster, step on the stone and sing high, then look at the stone lying on the ground. It’s so eclipsed, it’s nothing to do.
No matter how fragile it is, as long as there is a dream in the heart, waiting will change the fate of an egg.

4.Let an egg let it go, it is impossible to make an egg stand up.

How to make an egg stand up? Gently knock the top of the egg and break it to make the egg stand up. But the eggs that stand up like this are at the expense of disability and destruction of an egg. Cruel damage can make an egg stand up.
How to make an egg stand up? Make a mold and put the eggs in the mold to make the eggs stand up. Moderate constraints allow the eggs to stand up.
How to make an egg stand up? Make a stand and put the eggs on the stand to make the eggs stand up. The support of the outside world can make the eggs stand up.
Letting an egg stand up is like setting up a person's life. What method is chosen to make people stand up?

5.Once, my friend put an egg in my palm and asked me to hold it hard to see if I could hold the broken egg. No matter how hard I use, I can't hold the eggs in my hands.

Usually, an egg can be smashed with a single glimpse. Why do the eggs held in the palm of your hand make the whole body force to hold it, and do not break it?
My friend said that we usually pick up an egg and focus on one point of the egg. It seems that the force used is small, but the target is concentrated, and the force on the egg is also large; while the egg is held in the palm of the hand, the palm is almost Wrapped in the whole egg, our grip is scattered over the entire surface of the egg. It seems to use a lot of power, but the force is scattered, the force acting on the egg is small. Finally, we make the whole body strength, even one Thin layers of eggshells can't be broken.
Egg and stone, which is harder?
Stone? Egg? No,No,No....our grinding mill :P


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