Micro Powder Grinding Mill Common Problems
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Micro Powder Grinding Mill Common Problems

Posted: 2018-08-14

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Today I will explain some common practices and treatment methods for micro powder grinding mill/ultrafine powder grinding mill unit.

Causes: 1. The load is too large; 2. The bearing of the main engine and the analyzer is poorly lubricated; 3. The yaw of the ring roller is oscillating, vibrating, and the sound is abnormal; 4. The bearing installation error is large.
Remedy: 1, reduce the amount of pulverization, maintain the balance of feed and discharge; 2, timely oil injection; 3, open the machine to see if there is damage to the grinding roller or shaft pin wear, replace the accessories according to the situation; 4, reinstall the host to adjust the bearing clearance, to ensure Precision.

Causes: 1, overload or feed particle size is too large; 2, material
Remedy: 1. Control the amount of feed to prevent large materials from entering; 2. Stop feeding, stop inspection, and troubleshoot.

Causes: 1. The feed amount is too large; 2. The feed and discharge are unbalanced.
Remedy: 1. Reduce the amount of feed; adjust the feed and classifier to stabilize the fan current and balance the feed and discharge.

Causes: 1. The pulverizing element is loose; 2. The high-strength material (parts, super hard impurities) is mixed into the pulverizing chamber;
Remedy: 1. Stop and tighten loose parts; 2. Stop the cause of the machine, take out high-strength materials, and take preventive measures.

Causes: 1, the foundation is not flat, the feet are loose; 2, the connecting bolts are loose; 3, the material quality is hard and no lining; 4, the grinding roller grinding ring is severely deformed; 5, the feed particle size is too large.
Remedy: 1. Flatten the base and tighten the bolts; 2. Tighten the loose bolts; 3. Reduce the feed size; 4. Replace the grinding roller; 5. Adjust the crusher to reduce the feed particle size.

Causes: 1, the blade is dusty; 2, uneven wear; 3, fasteners loose.
Remedy: 1. Remove the dust from the blade; 2. Replace the impeller; 3. Tighten the loose parts.

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