What Is Ultrafine Powder, Fine Powder?
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What Is Ultrafine Powder, Fine Powder?

Posted: 2018-10-10

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How Is The Size Of The Particles Classified? How to distinguish fine and ultra fine powder? What is the distinction standard?

The so-called ultrafine particles or the so-called nanoparticles which are currently popular refer to particles of 1-100 nm. Strictly speaking, nanoparticles should be the quantum effect of 2-10 nm particles, below 2 nm is called atomic group, submicron particle is 0.1-1 micron particle, ultrafine particle is the general name of ultrafine particle and submicron particle. Fine powder refers to a powder of 1-100 micrometers, and coarse powder refers to a powder of 100-1000 micrometers. Different industries have different opinions, and unifying these claims is conducive to technical exchanges.
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