What materials can the grinding machine process?
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What materials can the grinding machine process?

Posted: 2018-12-29

Nowadays, all kinds of ore materials on the market are constantly being explored and utilized, and the production development of various industries in China has a source of power, and there is a source of support in processing and production. There are more than one thousand kinds of ore materials discovered in the world. There are more than one hundred kinds of materials that can be applied in various industries in the market, but their use effects are different, the fields of use are different, and the results are different.

The increase in ore materials has led to an increase in the number of equipment for processing materials. It allows customers to have sufficient choices during use, and the increase in ore materials has also led to an increase in the processing of ore materials by various industries in the market. The specifications of various finished materials used in various industries are also different.

From coarse powder to ultra-fine powder, there are different pulverizers to carry out the corresponding completion. The pulverizer is a high-efficiency and high-precision finished product produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. Different ore materials, the pulverizer has its own specifications and definitions.

So what material can the pulverizer process it accordingly?

The processing of the pulverizer first requires the Mohs hardness of the ore material. The Mohs hardness of the micro-grinding must be below 6 and the humidity must be below 8%. Only these can be used in the processing field of the pulverizer. Go; followed by the requirements of the finished material specifications, coarse powder processing is very difficult for the grinding machine, but for its fine powder processing grinding machine is invincible.

The following is a brief introduction to the processing of ore materials in the grinding machine: kaolin pulverizer, limestone pulverizer, calcite pulverizer, talc mill, marble pulverizer, barite pulverizer, gypsum powder Mills, bentonite pulverizers, clay pulverizers, carbon black pulverizers, activated carbon pulverizers, petroleum coke mills, etc., all of which are defined by the scope of the pulverizer.

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