How to solve the problem of ultra-fine grinding mill accessories?
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How to solve the problem of ultra-fine grinding mill accessories?

Posted: 2018-12-21

The ultra-fine grinding mill is composed of many parts and components, so the maintenance of the parts of the ultra-fine mill equipment is particularly important, which is what we often say. The importance of the presence of parts and components makes the user indispensable for their regular daily maintenance. Shanghai Clirik Machinery gives you some tips.

First of all, according to the working principle and structural characteristics of different types of ultra-fine mill equipment, to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill equipment, the key is to adjust the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the grinding chamber, which is to ensure smooth production. The key is. The force of the parts can reduce the pressure on the production. But after a problem with an accessory, how do you adjust it?


The method for adjusting the fault of the ultra-fine mill equipment accessories is: whether the plugging of the feed port and the granary is caused by the non-gradual feeding; whether the bearing is overheated, whether it is deformed due to the pressure; Whether the belt has been worn seriously, there is a loose phenomenon that needs to be replaced; whether the grinding ring grinding wheel that struggles in the grinding chamber is already a wind and candle, needs to retire; whether the vibration generated in the production makes the overall structure of the ultrafine mill Unstable; the problems with some simple and visible accessories will affect the production of the mill.

The maintenance of ultra-fine mill equipment is focused on the replacement of consumable parts and spindle maintenance. If the wear of simple chores is not serious, then the plating layer can be ground to the desired size. If the wear is very serious and it is already in a state of dying, then it is time to give up, the old ones will not come new. If the user does not know how to do it, you can consult our Shanghai CLIRIK After-sales Department for details. Contact number: 008618001642498

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