200 mesh wooden activated carbon mill R type Raymond mill
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200 mesh wooden activated carbon mill R type Raymond mill

Posted: 2020-06-24

The R-type Raymond mill for 200-mesh wooden activated carbon mills has a comprehensive investment with high-cost performance, short return period, and low cost. It is suitable for the production and configuration equipment of many small and medium-sized environmental protection manufacturers.

 200 mesh wood activated carbon
200 mesh wood activated carbon

1. 200 mesh wood activated carbon application field

The 200-mesh wooden powdered activated carbon is refined from fruit shells and sawdust as raw materials. The appearance is black fine powder, non-toxic and tasteless. It has a larger surface area and stronger adsorption capacity. It is suitable for sugar, pharmaceuticals , beverages, and wine. Water purification industries such as water quality are also commonly used in the decolorization, purification, purification and sewage disposal of organic solvents.

The consumption methods of 200 mesh powdered activated carbon are divided into two kinds: phosphoric acid method consumption and zinc chloride method consumption.

The wooden powdered activated carbon consumed by the phosphoric acid method has the characteristics of large adsorption capacity, fast filtration speed, and no zinc salt. It is generally suitable for the decolorization and purification of sugar, glutamic acid and salt, lactic acid and salt, citric acid and salt, wine, seasoning, animal and vegetable protein, biochemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, vitamins, antibiotics and other products in the food industry. Deodorize and remove impurities.

2. 200 mesh wood activated carbon milling equipment

The R-type Raymond mill for 200-mesh wooden activated carbon milling equipment is not expensive. You can get a well-equipped production line for more than 100,000. It is more than enough for producing 200-mesh wooden activated carbon powder. Save investment , quick return, take into account low cost, low power consumption, labor saving advantages. The key is that the R-type Raymond machine is equipped with a self-produced powder analyzer, which has a high powder output rate.
R-type Raymond mill
R-type Raymond mill

<Model>: 4R3216, 4R3218, 4R3220 Raymond Mill

<Number of grinding rollers>: 3-4;

<Diameter of grinding ring (mm)>: 970;

<Feed material size (mm)>: 15-30mm;

<Finished particles (mm)>: 0.038-0.18mm;

<Production (t/h)>: 6-25;

<Complete power (kw/h)>: 342-362.

<Application range>: This mill has a wide range of applications in cement, paper, building materials, coatings, rubber, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, food and other fields.

<Performance advantage>: The material has a larger processing capacity and higher efficiency in the unit grinding time. Under the condition that the total power of the R-type mill is unchanged, the easier the material is to grind, the higher the output, and the new plum blossom frame suspended roller grinding system has strong grinding ability.

If you want the mechanical type, parameters and quotation of 200 mesh wood activated carbon mill, please call +86-13917147829 (WhatsApp and WeChat) for details

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