Features Of Raymond Mill And Roller Mill
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Features Of Raymond Mill And Roller Mill

Posted: 2018-07-21

Raymond mill and roller mill(three-ring/four-ring medium-speed mill) both belong to the series of mills in mining machinery, but there are also great differences in working principle, feed size, and discharge size.

1. The high-pressure micro-powder is only suitable for the feed particle size within 20 mm, and the roller mill is adapted to the feed particle size of 10 mm;
2. The size of the finished product of the roller mill is finer than that of the high-pressure fine powder;
3. The power of the mainframe of the high-pressure micro-powder Raymond mill is generally between 18.5-37 (unit: kw), and the power of the blower is generally between (unit: kw) 15-30. The power of the roller mill is generally between (unit: kw) 37-90, the power of the blower is generally between (unit: kw) 30-75.

Raymond Mill Roller Mill

D97<325 mesh

2 microns<10%

D97<2500 mesh

2 microns<30%

Grinding bycentrifugal force,loud noise,direct touch between rings and rollers in high abrasion. High rotation speed of grinding parts,suitable for grinding materials lower than Mohs 6 grade.
Low grade products 2 microns content about 30% at most.
Low investment,low cost,unstable quality Low investment,easy operation


Raymond Mill

Raymond mill

Roller Mill

roller mill

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