What's The Matter With No Output OF Raymond Grinding Mill ?
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What's The Matter With No Output OF Raymond Grinding Mill ?

Posted: 2018-07-24

Raymond grinding mill

Raymond grinding mill pulverizes the material by the principle of suspension roller compaction and air separation. The fineness is adjusted by the speed of the analyzer and the air volume.

Raymond grinding mill in the normal production, suddenly do not discharge what should be done? Here is a detailed analysis of this situation.

The Raymond grinding mill uses a recirculating wind design, not a direct current. Therefore, the analysis machine should be connected to the pipe of the dust collector. The pipe joint of the dust collector to the fan must be sealed very strictly, and there must be no air leakage.

The weight of the lower pressure valve at the discharge port of the powder collector must be reasonable and can be uniformly discharged. If it is manually controlled, the boot must be pressed down for about 5 minutes. When there is material in the powder collector, slowly lift it up.

The dust bag must be blown when it is working in Raymond mill. The bag must be kept breathable. If it is not breathable, the Raymond mill will be shocked.

Raymond grinding mill suddenly did not discharge, first of all, the lower pressure valve of the powder collector was lifted up, and it would not be discharged for 5 minutes when it was lifted up. There is also a sudden loosening of the Raymond grinding mill's damper, which suddenly shuts down.

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