What areas can ball mill equipment be used for?
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What areas can ball mill equipment be used for?

Posted: 2019-05-29

The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after it has been crushed. Ball mills are widely used in the production of cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal dressings and glass ceramics, dry or wet grinding of various ores and other grindable materials. It is very important to grind the ball mill in the beneficiation. 

ball mill

The ball mill is a kind of equipment used to pulverize materials. In the production, when it is necessary to reduce the particle size of the material, the material will first be crushed by the crusher. If the particle size of the material cannot meet the production requirements, it needs to be crushed by a mill. The ball mill is one of many types of mills.

In which areas does the ball mill play an important role?

Application of ball mill in concentrator

In the ore dressing production, the ball mill plays an irreplaceable role. When the useful mineral in the ore is finely embedded in the ore, it is necessary to grind the ore very fine to dissociate the useful minerals and gangue and reduce the fine grinding of the ore. Degrees can increase the recovery and yield of useful minerals. At this time, the simple crushing equipment is difficult to meet the requirements, and the ball mill becomes the key equipment for controlling the particle size of the material.

At present, the ball mill has become an indispensable equipment for the concentrator. In the heavy medium coal preparation plant, the ball mill is also used to prepare the weighting material for heavy medium coal preparation.

Ball mill is widely used in building materials chemical industry

Ball mills are widely used in the preparation of cement and various silicate products. In the cement production process, the materials generally need to be ground. In the current cement production process, there are both dry grinding process and wet grinding process. The ball mill used in cement production generally has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large processing capacity and large crushing ratio.

Ball mill is used in the preparation of coal water slurry

In the preparation process of coal slurry, the ball mill is also widely used. The particle size of the final product of the coal water slurry depends on the quality of the grinding, and the grinding process and the performance of the ball mill determine the quality of the grinding. It can be said that the grinding process is a key step in the preparation process of the entire coal water slurry. Therefore, the coal-water slurry oil coal slurry preparation manufacturers also require higher performance of the required ball mill.

Generally, the ball mill equipment is selected in the concentrator. It is best to carry out the beneficiation test. According to the experimental results, it is suitable for the ball mill equipment. For the coal mine, the ball mill model can be selected according to the particle size and size of the ore. For the construction industry, the ball mill is selected. The second-hand ball mill can be used for material processing, which saves money while achieving the same efficiency.

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