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Elise Zhu

Sales Team

My major is Business English It is about 31 months since i came to the company.Our company continues to grow, continue to strong ,and i have full confidence in a bright future to our company.My current goal is: attend to my work and create more profits.I cannot describe my character well, but i know I am optimistic and careful,sometimes i prefer to stay alone,watch movies ,listening to music,i like to with girl to go shopping ,traveling and talking everything.


Sales Team

My major is international trade ,I like play pingpang,go to cinema,listen to song,etc,My aim is to have my own farm .I am a bright man ,like find new way to solve different problem.


Sales Team

major in business english. I am good at developing the customers, exporting trade business, etc. sometimes I enjoy the coffee with the friends, sometimes we are reading or climbing the mountains, etc. I am an easy-going, sincere, and nice, etc. Smile is my card. It's important to communicate with clients and other aspects.


Sales Team

I am a kind-hearted and optimistic girl. Since the year of 2011, I graduated from university at business English major. I like reading, watching film and swimming in my daily life. “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well”, So I will try my best to realize my goal and get a better future..


Sales Team

Hey, I'm Linda, majoring in English and International Business, tourism is my favorite hobby in life. I believe the spirit of living is to try new things - "You come, you see, you are impressed", same as doing business, our honesty and quality will impress you the most!


Sales Team

I graduated from University in 2008 with the major of Economic and trade English. In the spare time I always play tennies, read books and enjoy the music. I may not a good talker, but absolutely a good listener. Love life and love the world. Let life be beautiful like summer flowers.

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